The Fuel
Fuel for the Mind

Wow!  This is such an important topic.

We ARE Our Thoughts!

We ultimately ARE our thoughts.  Or to put it another way, we become what we think about.

This has been explained over many many years in so many different ways, but the current favourite descriptions are ‘The Law of Attraction’ or ‘The Secret’,  named after the movie.

If we choose to always see the good side of situations, the world will usually appear to be a good place.  If we always decide to see the bad side, the world can feel a hostile unforgiving place.

Everyone has experience of the 'blue Honda' effect.  You buy a 'new' car, and you start seeing that same car with the same colour everywhere!

Focus on success, and you will see more success!

'I Can' Or 'I Can't'?

What words do YOU use most?  ‘I can’ or ‘I can’t’?  If you have an excuse mindset, you are likely to know the words ‘I can't’ rather too well!

Look around you at people who seem to achieve all they want, they are likely to be the type that expects good things to happen!

I’ll Try

Another surprisingly damaging phrase is ‘I’ll try’.  For many of us who have an ‘I can't’ mentality, ‘I’ll try’ means ‘it won't happen’.

If you are one of the people with an ‘I can’ mentality, you probably wouldn't even say ‘I’ll try’.  You will just say ‘give me the time needed!’


What Do You Think About?

In more general terms, what do you spend your time thinking about?

If you spend your time watching soap operas, believing the negativity in the media , or playing ‘shoot ‘em up’ computer games, you are more likely to see a world full of struggle and conflict.

If you are thinking the the world is an amazing place, and YOU can make it even better, life is likely to be absolutely amazing.

Focus on a cohesive society working together, and this is what you are likely to find.  You have already found some of this in the Real Wealth brand!

...So how do you want to fuel your mind today?