The Body

(Maximise Your Potential & Inspire Others!)

By the time you are ready for this level, you should know your body well. It’s not time for big egos but a time to push yourself a little further and a time to help and inspire others

We still recommend you do not compare yourself against others.  The only person you need to compete against is yourself.

If you have good knowledge in an area, that has improved the quality of your life the next step is to maximise your potential...

It is natural for us to have competitive natures.  It is part of our ‘makeup’ and reflects ‘survival of the fittest’.  This provides opportunity for one of the greatest lessons that we could learn, both individually, and as a society...

Nature has given us the most developed brains in the animal kingdom.  With the ability to think freely, we can choose to compete against ourselves and not against others.

Using the mentality of maximising our potential and then inspiring others to do the same...Would likely create the most amazing society, where EVERYONE wins!!


By this time, you know!
But keep an open mind, for other things to try!

A simple process to help you with this level is as follows...

Know your why

Why do you want a healthy body? By now, it shouldn't be too difficult to find YOUR answers!

Creating success

Create small incremental target that you KNOW you WILL achieve!
Most of all enjoy it! Know your Whys!


Not only for yourself, but for those around you.  If you are not already, now is the time to start inspiring others as well as maximising your own potential!

Recognise your success!

Make sure you congratulate yourself for your achievements.  This is one motivator that will keep you heading towards further success.

Once you start to achieve your goals, if it makes you feel good, then you will want to talk to people about it. You can use this to inspire others... And in so doing, you are likely to inspire yourself further.  What you think of the most you will become. Not just to show the world you are serious but prove to yourself you are!

If you are able to encourage/inspire others, it helps to show the world YOU are serious!  This helps to reinforce your own commitment, and rewards an essential need that we all carry - the need to ‘contribute’ or ‘give’.

Inspiring others is most important at this level, as if you don’t you are likely to get too caught up in your own ego, which will ultimately hold you back through fear!

The process for this stage is exactly the same as for GOYA and GAS.  Your goals will be greater and you should have a good feeling for just how much you can push yourself, but otherwise, you are simply building on the habits you started to create at Stage 1.