The Body

You must choose to do this level!  Don’t do it simply because ‘you have to’!

GOYA is the First step towards a physically healthy body

Do NOT compare yourself against others.  Learn from them and be inspired, but do not compare...

For this first level it is essential that you don’t ‘try too hard’!  You would run the risk of ‘failing’ and seeing yourself as having failed.

These following suggestions are very simple and achievable.


Walk DOWN the stairs at work.  No one wants to arrive at their desk hot, sweaty and late!
Walk to the local shop for your fags and booze!
Walk over to the TV to change channels, rather than using the remote!
Walk around the block.  As long as your ‘block’ is small!

A simple process to help you with this level is as follows...

Know your why

Why do you want a healthy body?  It shouldn’t be too difficult to find YOUR answers!

Creating success

Create small incremental target that you KNOW you WILL achieve!


It doesn't matter how small.  At this stage, you must recognise any positive action as being an amazing success!

Recognise your success!

Make sure you congratulate yourself for your achievements.  This is the motivator that will keep you heading towards further success.

Once you start to achieve your goals (no matter how small) if it makes you feel good, then you will want to talk to people about it. This new you will inspire others... And in so doing, will inspire yourself further.  What you think of the most you will become. Not just to show the world you are serious but prove to yourself you are!

If you are able to encourage/inspire others, even at this early stage, it helps to show the world YOU are serious!  This helps to reinforce your own commitment, and rewards an essential need that we all carry - the need to ‘contribute’ or ‘give’.

If you are still wondering what GOYA stands for....It stands for Get off Your A*se!