The Body

(Goals And Strategy)

Like GOYA You must choose to do this level!  Don’t do it simply because ‘you have to’!

Do NOT compare yourself against others.  Learn from them and be inspired, but do not compare....

To create real results you need to focus on HOW you are going to get there... It is pointless going to the gym for an hour if all you are going to do is catch up on the latest gossip.


Your strategy will include which sports or exercise you will take part in, and what you are looking for them to achieve for you.  Flexibility?  Stamina?  Strength?  All round fitness?

When you are first trying this level, your strategy may simply be to shortlist a number of ideas, and try them out for a few sessions each.  You can then continue with those that work for you!


Setting goals must also be a part of your strategy.  These must be achievable.  As with GOYA, do not ‘try too hard’!  Create your specific goal at the beginning of each session.  Take into account how you feel, and the margin by which you beat your goal last time.

This is the stage when it can be very useful to find a good ‘program’ or mentor.  A workout buddy can also be a great help to keep you on track, and you to keep them on track.  Remember that you are using each other for positive encouragement.  NOT for comparison.  If you compare too much, the one who comes in ‘second’ is likely to become demotivated, and you also risk losing your friendship!


Tai Chi
Martian Arts
Ball Sports
Gym equipment (In a gym)
Organised walks

In fact - almost anything that interests you!

A simple process to help you with this level is as follows...

Know your why

Why do you want a healthy body?  It shouldn’t be too difficult to find YOUR answers!

Creating Success

Create small incremental target that you KNOW you WILL achieve!


Start to achieve your goals!

Recognise your success!

Make sure you congratulate yourself for your achievements.  This is the motivator that will keep you heading towards further success.

Once you start to achieve your goals, if it makes you feel good, then you will want to talk to people about it. You can use this to inspire others... And in so doing, you are likely to inspire  yourself further.  What you think of the most you will become. Not just to show the world you are serious but prove to yourself you are!

If you are able to encourage/inspire others, it helps to show the world YOU are serious!  This helps to reinforce your own commitment, and rewards an essential need that we all carry - the need to ‘contribute’ or ‘give’.

The process for this stage is exactly the same as for GOYA.  Your goals will be a little greater and you should have some form of strategy by now, but otherwise, you are simply building on the habits you started to create at Stage 1.

You now have GAS!